Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Savage Hawkman is savage.


Many iterations over the years.  Or I guess source, or origin of powers, this one seems to combine the usual suspects.  Egyptian god + Nth Metal + Wing harness + Carter Hall = Hawkman.

He can wing (pardon the pun) any kind of weapon since the Nth metal is a malleable and almost liquid metal (hence why the golden axe has texture).  It can transform into any shape he wants... he'd be a marvel in the kitchen no doubt.  But since he's a hothead superhero that likes to hit things, its usually maces, swords and axes.  You know, savagey stuff.

I hear the infamous Rob Liefeld will be handling the plotting duties for a while.

11x17. Ink Pen. Marker.



  1. Ben,

    Love your artwork! Are you on Facebook too?

    Davis Dewsbury

  2. Benjamin, you'll eventually get sick of me gushing over your stuff but for now... There are seriously no words for how awesomely beautiful and detailed this hawkish piece good!

    I seriously hope to see you working in comics sometime soon. Do you have any sequential stuff?

    Keep these great sketches coming in 2012!

  3. Thanks so much guys! Really appreciate the support. I post this stuff and other than FB and a few twitter flares, I don't really get a sense of whether people actually visit (other than page views obviously). It turns out twittering to Rob Liefeld is like a goldmine for views!?

    C.J. long time friend! I'm glad you came back again. I am working on some sequentials as we speak with another up and comer actually. A great 7-pager. Hopefully they will be up and viewable within the next 2 weeks. Working really hard on them.

    Starting a couple new sites at that time too. should be good. fingers crossed.