Friday, October 28, 2011

Animal Man

Buddy Baker, AKA Animal Man.  Has the ability to channel the attributes of any Animal.  Thinks Cheetah, he's super fast.  Thinks Rhino, he's super duper strong/tough.  etc.  You get it.

Grant Morrison had a rather seminal run on the title, where he championed vegetarianism, animal-rights, was a big family-man and famously had Buddy break the fourth wall.

New 52's Animal Man is off to a fantastic start and rave reviews.  It seems Buddy's gift extends into his blood-line.  His daughter is able to raise dead animal life and just so happens to be at the centre/protaganist of a mythic prophecy. ooh la la.

Written by fellow Southern Ontarian Jeff Lemire (buy his Vertigo Title "Sweet Tooth" trades.  do it.) and drawn by the unique pencil of Travel Foreman.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Action Comics Again

Y'know... I'm actually loving this new clark kent/superman in Action Comics.  He's got Moxie.  Something he's either hasn't had in a long time... or never had.

I have never been very sure drawing superman ever, but this one... he seems more accessible.  The "Superman" title... not so much, but Action Comics makes me wish more of the DCNU or New 52 went this deep of a reboot.

All Star Western

K well, I am a bit busy with another project so this post lacks some... meat.  I do have another Sketch that will require some refinement, and I'll post it at a later date.

All Star western stars Jonah Hex in an olde timey Gotham.  He's a north vs south vet cutting his way with bullets, attitude and a deformed face.

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti (yeah, I have the ash comics) and Justin Gray.  Mad cartoonist Moritat draws.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10 Posts = Bonus Batman!

Was feeling like the images weren't very dynamic, so I played with some light and angle.

Never enough Batman Drawings.

and my sad attempt at colouring.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Red Hood and The Outlaws

This ragtag group is at the centre of a bit of controversy, but whatever, anyone who has seen Jackie Brown shouldn't be too shocked at some of the behaviour.

Stars former robin Jason Todd as Red Hood, another former sidekick, speedy (Green Arrow) and  Starfire.

Aquaman swims

I read somewhere that the whole point of "New 52" was to make Aquaman cool again.

They're off to a good start.

Written by DC's almost head-honcho, Geoff Johns and Drawn by the incomprable Ivan Reis, a man that makes comic book drawing seem effortless and heroic.


She's certainly fun to draw!  The first sketch was a disaster, then... I found a rhythm to her.

Batwoman is semi-affiliated with batman himself, I havent really read enough of her past to know the ins and outs. Speaking of outs, she's a lesbian character, that is smart and strong and really... that detail is normal, but I remember during her creation it was a BIG part of the media around her.  Accompanied by a girl that she's training a la robin.  The girl used to be another superheroine named "flamebird."

The "New 52" Batwoman comic is a GORGEGEOUS masterclass in technique, design, detail and panel composition.  J.H. Williams III (who also handles writing duties with W. Haden Blackman)  is squeezing so much out of every single panel in that comic.  Ridiculous.  It in one hand, humbles you and causes doubts in your abilities, THEN on other hand, it inspires you, he shows you whats possible and it should really evoke that same ambition in you.

seriously, look:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Deadman is dead... Man

Super quick sketch.

Deceased acrobat that in the afterlife, in very quantum leap fashion, jumps in and out of peoples bodies, gets acquainted with their situation, then fixes their problems...most of the time (even though I think he came WELL before that show, you get the point easier).

Paul Jenkins writes "DC Universe Presents - Deadman" art by Bernard Chang and covers by the incredible Ryan Sook.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wondering Woman

Not a very charasmatic pose or anything, but there she is none the less!

Small update to her costume.  Kinda like it.

Cliff Chiang is doing some sweet, simple and smart storytelling in the new 52 WW title.  Brian (100 bullets, read it!) Azzarello writes.

Hawk and Dove

More of just a sketch.

Hawk and Dove...  War and Peace!

Once was a pair of brothers:  One, a hot-head, the other a meeker pacifist (hawk and dove... get it?), now is a boy and girl pair... The original hawk, not sure about the girl... supposedly dating Deadman...?

This New 52 title is brought to us by Sterling Gates (awesome name) and the ever notorious, Rob Liefeld, whom got his start in comics back in the late 80's on this EXACT title... interesting.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Danananananananana Batman!

If it wasn't ninja turtles, it was batman that got me drawing, and still does today.

The sample pages I'm working on just so happen to be from a Batman script.  This image is NOT from those pages.

I'll file this under "Batman" and leave "detective comics" for later, so I can draw more Batmans.  Drawing more Batmans is always good.

Scott Snyder writes Batman (Liking his Swamp Thing a whole lot!) and comic book hero of mine, Greg Capullo draws.  I'll be honest, never read much Spawn, but his X-force had a BIG impact on me.  (Hmmm... I guess I really liked his houdini arc and Angela Mini aswell...)

Just grifterin'

So to people that do know... they've eliminated the old wildstorm comic line (home of the Wildc.a.t.s.) and folded them into the "New 52."

Grifter, former member of the Wildc.a.t.s. is a character who really looked cool in the 90's... but wow, that was a long time ago now.  lol.  Anyway, he's back, he's seein' aliens, and solving problems with bullets.  And a kevlar vest that looks like a back-catchers pads.

Brought to us by these good folks:
Written by Nathan Edmonson and art byCAFU

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teen Titans

The junior versions/sidekicks of most of DC's hotshots get together, play clubhouse and thwart some crime.  Or evil science.

Was a big tim drake fan in the day.  Good times.

Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth (wow, Backlash flashback!) bring these kids together again.

Lights, camera... Action Comics!

Action Comics!  Makes sense as a first addition... considering that Superman's first appearance was in the very first issue in 1937.  Changed everything.

This superman, is much more akin to THAT superman, and less to the one we're used to today.  He's now (and again) spry, fearless, has no real idea what he's truly capable of and out for social justice!  Grant Morrison and Rags Morales spearhead this series (with a little help from some friends). 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Should be fun!

    Honestly, I've always been one-foot in when it comes to comic book artwork.  Odd since it the first thing I was ever any good at.  Turns out, in time I found out I was good at alot of things, and that really distracted me, atleast from drawing.  For better or worse.  A long time ago I dabbled in some art communities online, but for the better part of the last 5 or so years, I haven't really drawn much of anything at all.  Even though I had alot of support and encouragement from a fantastic array of people (fans, other amateur artists and a select group of professional ones too).  Funny , I guess I had some lessons to learn before I could return.

     Fast forward.

     So then DC Comics' concocts an ambitious "New 52" relaunch/reboot/retcon their ENTIRE company wide line of comic books.  I've always been a DC fan, and so this had me really interested. Turns out not every title is for me (duh), but there's definitely an energy there, and it made me physically get up and actually visit a comic book store again.  I then bought singles or monthlies.  The only comics I've bought in the last 8-10 years have been trades/graphic novels... so it's interesting to have the craving to get the comic book as it comes out and not when its collected later down the line.  It's been be part of that... newness. A newness and energy I thought comics had lost for me.  SO not only did it get me collecting again (sorry bank account) but it got me drawing again like crazy.  

     I figured it brought me back to drawing, I should maybe repay the favour.

     So... I'm going to take a marathon run at drawing all of the New 52 characters (which are the same old characters but you know... newer-ish).  Some of the redesigns are... interesting, we'll say, and then some are pitch perfect.   

     Now some entries will be just sketches and some will be formal finished comic book pieces, there won't be EXACTLY 52 posts, there will no doubt be more.  But what it will be is a test.  Will I succeed or... will this be another long, incomplete monster blog...?

     Guess we'll see!


     -Benjamin Tiesma
     (NOT a professional comic book artist...yet)