Sunday, January 15, 2012

Static Shock

A teen superhero with Electricity powers.  Was part of the "Milestone" comic book line introduced in the 90's.  An admirable effort to spotlight black superheroes.  To its detriment, though I understand the desire to make it appeal to the most readers, all the characters were parallels of popular superheroes.  But I guess most new characters are anyway.  This character, as well as others from the Milestone line were folded into the New52 DC universe. But only Static shock got his own title this time around.

Sad to say, it has been canceled.  I didn't think I would run out of time to showcase drawings on all the 52 before any of the titles were canceled...

So this is a stand up ode to a fallen title.  Im sure he'll be around elsewhere in DC anyway.

Written and drawn by Scott McDaniel (LOVED his nightwing run WAAAAAAAAAAAY back).

8.5x11.  Ink Pen and Marker.


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