Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flash AHaaaaAH!

I was "The Flash" in grade 5 for Hallowe'en,  good times.

Barry Allen was struck by lightening while friggermajigging with chemicals.  And then... super speed superpowers!  Works for me!

 The New 52 title is focusing on taking what worked for Flash and evolving it.  Doing interesting and NEW things with his powers.  A very smart and simple revelation was made in issue #2.  Flash's body is fast, but to get FASTER his brain needs to be running faster and processing faster.  Makes sense.

Torontonian Francis Manapul does unbelievably great double duty on art and writing, as does the colorist, Brian Buccellato.


Threw on some colours.  But I got a little frustrated with using a mouse in photoshop.  I have a wacom... I should learn to use it one of these days.  Oh and... I had trouble finding a red highlight I was comfortable with using.  Red is pretty unforgiving.

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