Friday, November 11, 2011


Situations/bad guys that can't be traditionally reasoned with or... hit, the back up Justice League Dark team comes through.  They're specialty is magic, world of conjure and occult mischief.

From what I understand, John Constantine (not keanu-like, whatsoever), Zatanna, Deadman (previously drawn), Madame Xanadu and Shade: The Changing Man are the team, atleast at first...?

The great Peter Milligan (LOVED Enigma when I was much younger, of course he had Duncan Fegredo on art... who doesn't LOVE Fegredo?!) writes and the quickly growing/bettering artist is Mikel Janin.  Uses a lot of reference for people, or maybe he uses 3-D models...? ...but still you can see where he's going and its quite good.

I can see myself drawing alot more Constantine...

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