Friday, October 21, 2011

Just grifterin'

So to people that do know... they've eliminated the old wildstorm comic line (home of the Wildc.a.t.s.) and folded them into the "New 52."

Grifter, former member of the Wildc.a.t.s. is a character who really looked cool in the 90's... but wow, that was a long time ago now.  lol.  Anyway, he's back, he's seein' aliens, and solving problems with bullets.  And a kevlar vest that looks like a back-catchers pads.

Brought to us by these good folks:
Written by Nathan Edmonson and art byCAFU

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  1. That is wonderful! I saw your link to your blog via Nathan Edmondson's twitter feed and I'm very glad I saw this.

    Grifter is my absolute favorite comic book character and you did him justice.

    I want more Grifter artwork from you as I'll be setting this as my iPhone background, but I'll need a new piece to replace this one in a few months, lol !!!!