Friday, October 28, 2011

Animal Man

Buddy Baker, AKA Animal Man.  Has the ability to channel the attributes of any Animal.  Thinks Cheetah, he's super fast.  Thinks Rhino, he's super duper strong/tough.  etc.  You get it.

Grant Morrison had a rather seminal run on the title, where he championed vegetarianism, animal-rights, was a big family-man and famously had Buddy break the fourth wall.

New 52's Animal Man is off to a fantastic start and rave reviews.  It seems Buddy's gift extends into his blood-line.  His daughter is able to raise dead animal life and just so happens to be at the centre/protaganist of a mythic prophecy. ooh la la.

Written by fellow Southern Ontarian Jeff Lemire (buy his Vertigo Title "Sweet Tooth" trades.  do it.) and drawn by the unique pencil of Travel Foreman.

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