Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Should be fun!

    Honestly, I've always been one-foot in when it comes to comic book artwork.  Odd since it the first thing I was ever any good at.  Turns out, in time I found out I was good at alot of things, and that really distracted me, atleast from drawing.  For better or worse.  A long time ago I dabbled in some art communities online, but for the better part of the last 5 or so years, I haven't really drawn much of anything at all.  Even though I had alot of support and encouragement from a fantastic array of people (fans, other amateur artists and a select group of professional ones too).  Funny , I guess I had some lessons to learn before I could return.

     Fast forward.

     So then DC Comics' concocts an ambitious "New 52" relaunch/reboot/retcon their ENTIRE company wide line of comic books.  I've always been a DC fan, and so this had me really interested. Turns out not every title is for me (duh), but there's definitely an energy there, and it made me physically get up and actually visit a comic book store again.  I then bought singles or monthlies.  The only comics I've bought in the last 8-10 years have been trades/graphic novels... so it's interesting to have the craving to get the comic book as it comes out and not when its collected later down the line.  It's been be part of that... newness. A newness and energy I thought comics had lost for me.  SO not only did it get me collecting again (sorry bank account) but it got me drawing again like crazy.  

     I figured it brought me back to drawing, I should maybe repay the favour.

     So... I'm going to take a marathon run at drawing all of the New 52 characters (which are the same old characters but you know... newer-ish).  Some of the redesigns are... interesting, we'll say, and then some are pitch perfect.   

     Now some entries will be just sketches and some will be formal finished comic book pieces, there won't be EXACTLY 52 posts, there will no doubt be more.  But what it will be is a test.  Will I succeed or... will this be another long, incomplete monster blog...?

     Guess we'll see!


     -Benjamin Tiesma
     (NOT a professional comic book artist...yet)

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