Tuesday, October 25, 2011


She's certainly fun to draw!  The first sketch was a disaster, then... I found a rhythm to her.

Batwoman is semi-affiliated with batman himself, I havent really read enough of her past to know the ins and outs. Speaking of outs, she's a lesbian character, that is smart and strong and really... that detail is normal, but I remember during her creation it was a BIG part of the media around her.  Accompanied by a girl that she's training a la robin.  The girl used to be another superheroine named "flamebird."

The "New 52" Batwoman comic is a GORGEGEOUS masterclass in technique, design, detail and panel composition.  J.H. Williams III (who also handles writing duties with W. Haden Blackman)  is squeezing so much out of every single panel in that comic.  Ridiculous.  It in one hand, humbles you and causes doubts in your abilities, THEN on other hand, it inspires you, he shows you whats possible and it should really evoke that same ambition in you.

seriously, look: http://comics.cosmicbooknews.com/content/dc-comics-preview-batwoman-2

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