Friday, October 21, 2011

Danananananananana Batman!

If it wasn't ninja turtles, it was batman that got me drawing, and still does today.

The sample pages I'm working on just so happen to be from a Batman script.  This image is NOT from those pages.

I'll file this under "Batman" and leave "detective comics" for later, so I can draw more Batmans.  Drawing more Batmans is always good.

Scott Snyder writes Batman (Liking his Swamp Thing a whole lot!) and comic book hero of mine, Greg Capullo draws.  I'll be honest, never read much Spawn, but his X-force had a BIG impact on me.  (Hmmm... I guess I really liked his houdini arc and Angela Mini aswell...)

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  1. Love the colors and shadow work!!!